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by Thaddeus Golas

(1924 – 1997)

Copyrighted by Thaddeus Golas in 1971, 1972 - Seed Center, P.O. Box 1700, Redway, California 95560
Paperback Reissue edition (June 1993) - Bantam Books; ISBN: 0553263587
Hardcover Reissue edition (February 1996) - Gibbs Smith; ISBN: 0879056983

Hardcover Reissue edition (August 2002) - Gibbs Smith; ISBN: 158685190X

CD AUDIO BOOK (2008) – EVEN LAZIER Publishing

The Guide is currently out of print, again, but you can now purchase a recording of the book,

 read by the author, in the form of a lovingly remastered 2-CD AUDIO BOOK

produced by EVEN LAZIER Publishing:

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All profits from this audio book will support further publication of Thaddeus’s work.




  1. Who Are We?
  2. Look, Ma, I'm Enlightened
  3. How To Feel Good
  4. Lifesavers
  5. How We Got Here
  6. Self-Improvement
  7. Time And Vibrations
  8. Going Through Changes
  9. What Is Real?
  10. How You Get There


A Fable
Even Lazier

How This Book Came To Be  - (Addendum to the Gibbs-Smith edition)


I am a lazy man. Laziness keeps me from believing that enlightenment demands effort, discipline, strict diet, non-smoking, and other evidences of virtue. That's about the worst heresy I could propose, but I have to be honest before I can be reverent. I am doing the work of writing this book to save myself the trouble of talking about it.

There is an odd chance that this is what someone needs to read in order to feel better about himself. If you are a kind person and want to know what to expect when enlightenment strikes and why it comes to you, with or without psychedelic help, this is for you.

These are the rules of the game as I see them. I realize that many of us are opening up very fast these days, and one of the most common delusions we face is the belief that our sense of revelation is unique. The feeling of knowing the truth is not enough. My intention is not to pretend final truth, but to suggest certain simple attitudes that will work for anybody and stay with you in the most extreme freak-out or space-out, even when your mind is completely blown. These attitudes are so simple that I'm surrounding them with a picture of the universe to show why they work even when you don't believe they will.

The universe is so vast and complex that if we needed books like this to become enlightened, we'd never make it. But on the other hand the universe is so simple in design that there's no reason for anyone to be puzzled or unhappy. It's easy to control your existence, no matter how complicated it looks. I've abandoned the idea of writing this a number of times, on the ground that people didn't know it because they didn't want to. But in the end there is no more reason for not writing it than there is for writing it.

I am writing what I will want to read someday when I am stuck in a weird place. Several times on bummers I've thought: What could I say to someone in this state of mind that would mean anything? That's the kind of testing this information has had. There isn't a line in this book that is there just because it sounds beautiful. The information is practical and reliable. It has taken me and others safely through some extreme states of mind, and can be reduced to a few phrases that are simple enough to recall in any crisis.

The first chapter begins with a briefly stated idea about how the universe is made, and the rest of the book discusses our lives from that viewpoint. It is a far-reaching idea, extending into every field of knowledge, and since it took me many years to get it straight, I cannot expect that anyone else should casually accept it. All I can do is ask that you play the idea game, see where it leads, and check it out against what you know. What has to be true for the universe to look to us as it does? Is there a credible bridge between matter and spirit? Like many people, I wrestled with such concerns for years, and this book contains some of the conclusions. Perhaps these conclusions will be meaningful to you only if you follow your own process of checking and proving. If so, the first chapter contains all you will need to keep you busy for a long time. On the other hand, if all you want is a handy trip guide, you'll find that, too.

I'm really not expecting anyone to take these sentences and expand them again into a feeling of realization. But if one of you whom I never hear about gets a little higher and happier, then I would write all this again a thousand times over. I hope you find the vibrations pleasant.

[ Chapter One ]






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Thank you Thaddeus for this gem. Thank you Sylvain - for the addendum, The Thaddeus Golas Café, this beautiful audio book - for polishing the gem.

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