A perspective

OK, try this as a perspective from which to view experiencing (THIS);

Most of the people view the world at a level of concept.

This is useful for certain things, but not only is it not useful when looking for what is actual, but it actually obscures it. That is unless we are aware that this is how it works.

Beneath the level of concept, we can ascertain what is actual. THIS. Our current experiencing.

Because conceptual viewing is so prevalent, we have to be alert that the concepts that arrive to describe/explain THIS don’t carry us away into story land.

Because self is a concept, just as no-self is, there is no point in searching for either as something actual. Just as a hole is defined by what encloses it, both self and no-self are defined by the story that encloses them. Without the walls and bottom the hole can’t exist. Without the stories the concept of self can’t exist.

Below the level of the self concept, there is sensation. Nothing more. We have to come up to the level of concept to add anything. Full stop. Period. 

We don’t need complexity (as much as the mind loves it). We find the simplicity of what is actual disturbing. It engenders an uncomfortable sensation.

You have to give up seeking in order to wake up. To be satisfied with the not knowing. With the mystery of how and why things happen. 

Much is revealed with the wider perspective that comes with the acceptance of what life offers (THIS)