An intent of this site is to help you wake up...


This means that i am continuing to collect resources and dump them here.
Then clean them up.
Then arrange them.
Then make it as engaging as possible.
Then polish it according to the feedback tendered by visitors using the comment section. (at bottom)

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This website is about waking up. (Ok, this is the first pointer..) i’ve underlined the word “about” to highlight something that is really important.
It is the difference between a concept and what is actual.

Now, i will tell you what that difference is, but you will still have to discover it for yourself.

Reality‘ = the only actuality = your current experiencing
Concept = everything else = all thoughts

If you just read these words then you will be having an intellectual experience.
To really grok what i am pointing at, will require you to have a particular attitude.
An attitude that leads to an unfamiliar perception.
A description of that attitude is what i call Discovery mode.

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If you’re a spiritual seeker, then you probably think that you know what awakening is.
…but unless you have already ‘woken up’ you’ll most likely be wrong about that.

Now before we look at  What is awakening?
let’s consider one of the most frequent blocks to seeing ‘reality’ – expectations.