To appreciate who you are (not) is to experience what the self actually is (not).

The self illusion is deep and irresistible, and it is pernicious, often causing quite a lot of suffering. It is an important experience to see through it by dropping into Direct Experience, and see what actually is.


We have collected for you a library of resources to read, watch and explore. Why don't you start there 🙂


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This is a story written by vince -- a short introduction for the readers.

first steps


The intent here is to help you wake up.
Join us on this journey of discovery!

There are several ways that you could go about this…

  1. Use this web site.
  2. join group zoom guiding.
  3. Paid 1 on 1 guiding.
  4. Oh, and if you’re still an avid seeker, i do recommend Liberation Unleashed

There are currently 2 zoom group meetups each week.

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Their recording are published publically on YouTube. Here:

There is one each Saturday at 9pm (AEDT)
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If you want paid 1 on 1 guiding, you can book here;
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Group meetups continue to be free.

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