Something happened to me early November 2011 What happened was that seeking stopped. Seeking stopped because there was 'seeing' that i/me was a concept. An illusion. That 'seeing' didn't mean I found what I had been seeking...
It was a discovery that what I had been seeking wasn't what I was looking for.

i will leave the stuff on this page below the line
as it is great entertainment, But the part it played in this awakening was no more or no less than anything else that occurred in this life up to that point. What's below the line is not wrong. It may even provide the trigger for you If you want to put an end to seeking, here is a more direct route
Remember though, it is about which is just entertainment until a decision is made.
Then go to Liberation Unleashed to do the work. Be warned though, you will need 100% honesty and courage.
Here is a YouTube introduction to Liberation Unleashed

Here is an eBook of Quotes from actual sessions. (It will configure itself to dispay in a several devices. A browser on a desktop or tablet or even a mobile phone.
Everybody is different and will bring different brain conditioning to the quest.
some liberated bloggers.
Machiel (Life)
Cathy Preston
Nick Myers
Nick Fetko

Tom (Tom Pi)

here  is a link to my blog.
It's a kind of Journal starting about 12 months before 'waking up'
Here is a link to the
Truth Contest website, a worthwhile project, and its' sister site the
Unifying Truth Project

a collection of
some Haiku from my blog here.

one (not 2) one ness one ness ing none all
Why did i start this site ? dunno. stumbled across the domain name for a couple of bucks, and here we are.
...there's more but i will fill it in as i go along.

Teaching Wisdom in Schools is a project that needs help...  The Wisdom Page 
an Aladdins cave of resources.
   ...also, i am obsessed with "becoming enlightened/self realised" and the "direct path" or the path of Oneness (advaita) resonates best with me currently. (there have been many others in the earlier part of the story) ...also, i have experienced, it seems always, the desire to live in a happy world out of this came the desire/belief/hope that i could change the world for the better. i believe that i can only do that post enlightenment (and then i probably won't see the need)

...also it seems to have turned into a hunt and gathering of links, possibly motivated by a curiosity as to just how big this "movement" is.
It also begets the question of when to stop. i started with people i'd personally read but then expanded to use their judgement about links they had posted. At the fringes 'nondduality' starts to bleed into various almost cultish 'spin offs'
...anyway i guess it doesn't matter.

here are some ebooks i found on the WWW (various forms - some pdf, some html etc.)

Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now
Nisagardatta I am That
Paul Bruntons notebooks
Thadeus Golas Lazymans Guide to Enlightenment
GilbertSchultz Everything Is Clear and Obvious
GilbertSchultz without_reference_point
Enlightenment and Enlightenment Sickness
John Wheeler - Awakening to the Natural State
John Wheeler - Right Here Right Now
John Wheeler - you Were Never Born
John Wheeler - Shining in Plain View
When I started this, I thought that the number of enlightened people in the world was maybe a couple of hundred.
Now I'm thinking thousands.

Non-conceptual, Self Knowing Awareness and YouTube
'Sailor' Bob Adamson
Sailor Bob Adamson

AustFlag spacer'Sailor' Bob Adamson - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Natural State
John Wheeler 1
John Wheeler 2

USA Flag spacerJohn Wheeler - Santa Cruz, California, USA
Wayne Wirs
Living in Peace : The Natural State USA Flag spacerStephen Wingate - Arlington, Mass, USA
Halina Pytlasinska
Halina Pytlasinska interview youtube
Living Reality USA Flag spacerJames Braha - Longboat Key, Florida, USA
life in duality
 Oneness - Nothing But That USA Flag spacerJohn Greven - Enid, Oklahoma, USA
Kenneth Madden
Nisargadatta's Message
Mark West

AustFlag spacerMark West - Sydney, NSW, Australia
What is non duality?
a video by Stephen Williamson

The Eternal (Stateless) State and YouTube
Charlie Hayes

USA Flag spacerCharlie Hayes - Enid, Oklahoma, USA

What Never Changes USA Flag spacerAnnette Nibley - Mill Valley, California, USA

Eckhart Tolle
Eckhart Tolle Website and YouTube
Canada Flag spacerEckhart Tolle - Vancouver, Canada

Awake Joy and Free on-line Videos USA Flag spacerKatie Davis, USA.

Here and Now - You Are That!
John-Pierre Gomez
Jean-Pierre Gomez

Blank Flag spacerJean-Pierre Gomez

Beyond Description USA Flag spacerBurt Jurgens - Portland, Oregon, USA

You Are Dreaming USA FlagspacerRandall Friend - Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Only Timeless Being Brazil FlagspacerFelipe Oliveira - Curitiba, Brazil

Noticing What You Already Know AustFlagspacerRobin Dale - Melbourne, Australia

What is Real? and YouTube USA FlagspacerJoan Tollifson - Oregon, USA (updated URL)

Awakening To The Dream

Netherlands FlagspacerLeo Hartong - Netherlands

3rd Millenium Gateway and 3M Gateway Posts USA FlagspacerDennis Trunk, California, USA

Clarity UK FlagspacerNathan Gill - rural UK UK FlagspacerDennis Waite, UK

Francis Lucille Website and on YouTube French FlagspacerFrancis Lucille, originally France, now USA

French NonDuality Site French FlagspacerFrancis Lucille, Jean Klein, Ramana, Nisargadatta etc

Grace is now blogspot
French FlagspacerMary McGovern, France

Amigo, unconditional friendship Netherlands FlagspacerThe Netherlands Zine - last one Jan 2006

The Advaita Show (Podcast) AustFlagspacerCameron Reilly - Melbourne, Australia
Nisargadatta Book: Self-Knowledge
Nisargadatta.neJan - Nisargadatta
Nisargadatta Oracle
Nisargadatta quotes (reload page)
Nisargadatta Maharaj
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Everywhere At Once
I Am - The Complete 'I Am' Quotes of Sri Nisargadatta
I Am Unborn - Talks With Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Excerpts from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's I AM THAT 
Blank FlagSri spacerNisargadatta Maharaj - excellent resource

Nisargadatta Maharaj
Nisargayoga.plNisargadatta video: Awaken to the Eternal
Maharajnisargadatta.comThe Nisargadatta Gita
Jai Guru - A Tribute to Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Non Blank FlagspacerJerry Katz

The Open Secret and on YouTube UK FlagspacerTony Parsons

We Just Are Blank FlagspacerLee Sage AustFlagspacerHarry Liantziris - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

 Clearsight AustFlagspacerPete and Pearl Sumner - Fremantle, Western Australia

Living Reality South Africa FlagspacerChad Barber - Capetown, South Africa

Out Beyond Ideas USA FlagspacerJohn Astin - Northern California, USA

Life Without a Center and On YouTube
Jeff Foster

UK FlagspacerJeff Foster - Brighton, UK

Reflections on the One Life USA FlagspacerScott Kiloby, Evansville, Indiana, USA

Urban Guru Cafe AustFlagspacerGibert Schultz, Melbourne, Ausrtralia

Just Rest USA FlagspacerVince Flammini, Springfield, Illinois, U.S.A

Living in Paradise

German FlagspacerTan, Germany

What We Are UK FlagspacerJasper Solomon, UK

 You are Seeing Oneness USA FlagspacerJason Swanson, Urbana, Illinois, USA
Phew! i just had a theme park ride of responses to reading Peter's expressions of consciousness. Advaita Notebook AustFlagspacerPeter Marjason, Woodburn, Northern NSW, Australia

Non Duality (Advaita) Cartoons AustFlagspacerBob Seal, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

Be What You Are Sweden FlagspacerMicael Stark, Stockholm, Sweden

Non Duality Press UK FlagspacerSpecialist Publisher of Non Duality Books, UK James Swartz

Enlightenment for No-One USA FlagspacerMaury Lee, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Stuart Kaufman
Only This USA FlagspacerJoe Winslow, Massachusetts, USA

Stillness Speaks Blank FlagspacerChris Hebard

Chakraplein (Eng), Chakraplein (NL) and Inzichten Blog Netherlands FlagspacerRob Ek, Netherlands

Genpo Merzel
Big Mind

Beyond Seeking AustFlagspacerRoy Townsend, Balingup, Western Australia

Richard Sylvester, UK UK FlagspacerRichard Sylvester, UK

a taste of oneness mp3 India Flagspacer Manu Namasivayam, India

Non Duality FAQ
Stephen Batchelor (Tricycle) and his own site UK FlagspacerStephen Batchelor, formerly UK, now France

Wei Wu Wie Archives (excellent)

Wei Wu Wei 2

Thailand FlagspacerWei Wu Wei Archives Project, Bangkok, Thailand Non Dual Network

Dancing With The Divine
The End of Seeking
AustFlag   Mike Graham, Australia
Scott Kiloby
Scott Kiloby, Evansville, Indiana, U.S.
When I Awoke

David Godman

Everywhere At Once William Samuel
12 Step Liberation
Robert Adams
Philip Renard
Awakening to One
Sukhbir Singh Shinji-San Avadhut Gita
Gary Crowley Unmani Liza Hyde Off the Mat Ami Flammini - Springfield, Illinois, U.S.
Ellam Ondre - All Is One
Ameeta Eye of the Storm
Scott Morrison
Gary Merrill
Sarlo's Advaita Guru Ratings
Radiant Mind (Peter Fenner) UNA SOLA ESENCIA--in Spanish--(Juan Carlos Savater) David Hykes
Johnny Cash - 'Hurt'
Aziz Kristof
Jiddu Krishnamurti J Krishnamurti Song of 'I Am'
Floyd Henderson website
Floyd Henderson blog
Tim Freke Ramana Maharshi      Ramana Maharshi Beyond Description
the institure of spiritual awakening
Paul Hedderman Ramesh Balsekar   Ramesh Balsekar


Suzanne Foxton

nondualityamerica Rodney Stevens Stephen Wolinsky

Dave Oshana

Rupert Spira

Non Duality (Peter and Kalyani Lawry) Douglas Harding

Kenneth Folk
Kenneth Follk
Maury Lee U G Krishnamurti

Wayne Licquorman
Wayne Liquorman
Guy Smith Unmani Liza Hyde
Ashtavakra Gita

Byron Katie Sundance Burke

Melvyn Wartella
A Natural Awakening
Nurturing the Now (Vicki Woodyard) Roger Linden

Galen Sharp Nonduality Salon Deepak Chopra Greg Goode
Greg Goode 2
Gina Lake 1
Gina Lake 2
A Story of Self
Living Now »Karen McPhee, Calgary, Canada Ellam Ondre (All Is One)
Joan Tollifson
Tony Parsons 1
Tony Parsons 2
Tony Parsons 3

John Greven
Ashville Advaita Info »Morgan Caraway, Ashville, North Carolina I Am That & Who Am I? Stephen Williamson
Wide Awake Living
Suzanne Segal
Nonconceptual Awareness »David Bingham, England A Course in Consciousness
A Course in Consciousness 2
Karl Renz
Karl Renz 2
Nirmala 1
Nirmala 2

Hsin Hsin Ming by Seng-T'san
Hsin Hsin Ming
Eliot (email) » Melbourne, Australia
Kerry Breitbart (email) » Weston, Connecticut
Jonas Skioldebrand (email) » Stockholm, Sweden
Jamie Ackley (email) » Santa Cruz, California
Drs. Paul and EvelynMoschetta (email) » East Hampton,New York
Abide in Self Revelations » Nitin Ram, Pune, India
Tom Burns (email) »Seaside, California
Francis Lucille 1
Francis Lucille 2
David Carse 1
David Carse 2
Sri Ranjit Maharaj 1
Sri Ranjit Maharaj 2
Sri Ranjit Maharaj 3
Sri Ranjit Maharaj 4
Alexandra Klawitter ·
Annette ·
Catherine Ingram ·
Claudio ·
Daniel Sannel ·
Dasarath ·
Francis Lucille ·
Ganga (formerly Mira) ·
Isaac Shapiro ·
Janna Del Prince ·
Jeannie Zandi ·
Joi Sharp ·
Karen McPhee ·
Katrine Kristiansen ·
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee ·
Loch Kelly ·
Mary McNab ·
Michael Regan ·
Moni Vangolen ·
Nirmala ·
Richard Sylvester ·
Rupert Spira ·
Sangita · See
Scott Kiloby ·
Stephen Kearney ·
Stuart Schwartz ·
Walter Hettich ·
Yudishtara · schedule at 949-262-5252

At present, the best listing of satsangs worldwide is, a searchable calendar by teacher and location. also tries to keep up with what's happening worldwide.

For specific places within the US visit:

Atlanta - Atlanta Advaita
Boulder - Boulder Satsang
Chicago - Circle of Love
Eaton, New Hampshire - Eaton Satsang
Fort Lauderdale - email for details
Minneapolis-St.Paul - Satsang with Daniel
New York City - The New York Circles - Lateral Satsangs
San Francisco Bay Area - East Bay Open Circle
Seattle - Northwest Satsang

In Canada visit:

Calgary - Calgary Satsang
Vancouver - Northwest Satsang

For upcoming satsangs in the UK, plus a booklist and links, visit

For satsangs in France and other French-speaking countries, visit If you're in Paris you can join in La Biodanza every Friday evening.

For satsang in Holland,

For satsang in Scandinavia, - (Norway,

For satsang in Israel,

In Australia, contact Harry Liantziris at

Other Sites

Never Not Here has over 400 hours of video of non-dual teachers. has a large library of interviews with teachers of consciousness, healing and psychology, mostly from the U.K.

Stillness Speaks makes available video, audio and texts of contemporary non-dual teachers and traditional sages.

Stay in Touch is a website devoted to non-duality in its many manifestations, with poems, art, rich ideas, and links to teachers from many traditions.

A New Earth offers free online classes on Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now.

For contemporary poems in the advaita tradition:

For a gallery and website of art devoted to Truth:

In London a sanctuary of warmth and encouragement for small groups of people: The Lotus Foundation.

And a celebration of Truth in humor and cartoons: Laughter of Truth.

For InterSpiritual Dialogue, a dialogue among advaita and other spiritual traditions:
Jasper Solomon
Richard Sylvester - extracts from 'The Book of No-One'
Alexander Smit
Peter Brown ~ San Francisco Bay area
Jason Sawicki ~ West Columbia, South Carolina
Ghebrey ~ London, UK
Chuck Hillig ~ Locust Grove, Virginia
Shamash ~ Middlesex, UK
Jeff Keller ~ Long Island, New York

alice gardner

alicia st rose

annette nibley

byron katie

candice o’denver

catherine ingram

catherine noyce


chameli ardagh

channa horwitz

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ellen davis

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gina lake


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