Actual/Direct experience-ing..

Have a look at an apple. If you have a ‘real’ apple, you can use it for this exercise.

When looking at an apple, there’s colour, texture, shape and a thought saying ‘apple’; and maybe a thought saying, “I’m looking at an apple.”
What is known for sure?
Colour is known and thoughts are known.
What about the content of thoughts, what do they describe?
Actual experience does not refer to the content of thoughts. What it is ABOUT, because that is only just more thought.
Actual experience is sound, thought, colour, smell, taste, sensation.
Is there really an ‘apple’ here, or only colour and a thought ABOUT ‘apple’? Can ‘apple’ be found in actual experience?
While these thoughts are known, what they talk ABOUT can’t be found in actual experience.
This is what is meant by ‘looking in actual experience ‘. What you know for sure, and, is always here.
Taste labelled ‘apple’ is known
Colour labelled ‘apple’ is known
Sensation labelled ‘apple’ is known (when apple is touched)
Smell labelled ‘apple’ is known
Thought about/of an ‘apple’ is known
However, is an apple actually known?