Shadow work

Many modern seekers also deal with emotional content, suppressed trauma, and thought loops patterns that are centered around rejecting emotional experience in the body. Overall, the topic of shadow work.

As we debunk many of the current delusions such as the existence of a separate self, the idea of choice and control etc, we are dealing with beliefs. Conditioned ideas that are taken by most of society as actual.

Beneath all of this is stuff that does not have verbal expression. It is often trauma based.
Now, every kid suffers trauma.
From being scolded to suffering corporal punishment. (or worse)

In most cases, the powerless child has no option but to internalize it.
As a survival tool, the body memorises and holds in contraction, that which had no expression.

Sometimes these things can inhibit early realizations.

Sometimes they don’t manifest until well into the ‘journey’.