What is your relationship with what you perceive as the existence of form?

If you touch something, is the sensation arising a proof that something was touched?, or proof of awareness of sensation?

Is the memory that you once touched the back of your head, or the memory of seeing it in a mirror, is that memory proof of the existence of the back of your head? ..or is it proof that a memory exists?

If not form?
Then what?


Here is an exercise to highlight how we create form..

Sit and feel the breath coming in and out of the nostrils.
Feel the sensation of air movement at the entrance/exit point.
Look straight ahead at something specific.
Notice the sharp details of that thing.
Now without moving your head or visual focus, notice how the peripheral vision gets fuzzier the further away from the sharp detailed view of the object.
Notice also the tendency to guess what those fuzzy objects are.
Now, keeping your eyes pointed where your head faces, start turning your head sideways slowly.
Notice how what was fuzzy in your peripheral vision (previously) becomes sharp as it enters your central visual field.
Now here’s the big one. Notice the compulsion to identify the objects as they become clear. The shift from guessing (imagining) what they are to ‘knowing”.
At this point, look for a subtle connecting sensation to them. does it emanate from the object and hit the body, or does it emanate from the body and connect to the object?
Where in the body does the connection point touch? Is it the head or chest (or somewhere else?)