There is nothing that you can DO (to wake up)

Can you see that you are locking yourself into a seeker role? (This is a blunt club. The time will come when you will replace this question with “Can you recognize the beliefs that give rise to seeking and the seeker identity?”)
Waiting for something to happen in the future?
If so, you are making hard work of what is really simple.
By simple, I mean not complex. Also not difficult. (these are really good clues – remember them)
The portal that I fell through showed me this. 
There is nothing to do.
You don’t earn liberation. It is there (here) for the seeing.
..and what is there to see? (rhetorical question) THIS. (clue – it’s inside you)
What is THIS? 
Whatever you are currently experiencing.
Whatever it is.
Good/bad (ha)
Spiritual/whatever the opposite of spiritual is.

You can’t DO anything about it, but if these words provoke an intention to do anything, then let it be that you simply watch whatever arises as experiencing, without opinion. 
When you try to be loving/forgiving/having gratitude etc., it only gives strength to their opposites.
When you focus on them, and find that they are not present, then the absence of them in yourself and others, colors your world and shuts out the sun.
Now, don’t get hung up on how successful you are at this.
You can’t fail, because even (apparent) failure is THIS.
How simple is it? 
Nothing to do but watch (or not)
You are by nature a loving being.
A gracious being.
A forgiving being.
These things show themselves best when you are relaxed and peaceful. 
This will happen as complete acceptance arises for whatever life-ing offers.

DOing is counterproductive.

There is another aspect to doing, which is effort.
Effort to overcome or effort to achieve actually intensify that which we are trying to ‘fix’.

For exampe, if we are trying to wake up, the more effort we put into it, the more we focus on being asleep. The lack of what we consider being awake comes to the fore.


DOing feeds into several delusions.

That is that doing is expressing the delusion of control.

It feeds into the delusion of choice.

It is bigtime  identification with the delusion of a separate self.

It hides the reality of intention.

It feeds concepts like success and failure.

The ideas of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ get involved with Doing.