Having been around quite a few people as they go through the gate, I observe expectations as one of the most frequent blocks to seeing what ‘reality’ actually is.

We can blame Guru stories and the attraction to drama in our society for focusing on stories of the initial epiphany that people have as they wake up. (because they usually have a ‘wow’ factor)

This puts into our head, the idea of “bells and whistles”.
We expect high drama to confirm that a significant shift has occurred.

Some common misconceptions

  • That I will experience permanent bliss.
  • That I will never get sick again.
  • That I will be able to stop my thoughts.
  • Money problems will be a thing of the past.
  • I will be able to manifest prosperity.
  • I will never hurt others again
  • I will never develop dementia
  • If I have kids, I’ll be the perfect parent
  • I will be physically beautiful
  • I will never have any more interpersonal conflicts
  • I will never again get angry
  • I will never be hurt
  • I will be loved (approval of others)
  • I will always know what to do (control)
  • I will always feel good (control feelings / bliss)

Of those I observed ‘waking up’, by far the majority woke up as a slow unfolding rather than a sudden explosion.

A friend of mine (Paul – the video is at the bottom of the page on what is awakening.… But read the page before watching it.) who went through the archives at Liberation Unleashed (the archives is where ‘successful’ “gate crossings” threads are parked) and discovered that for the vast majority, the final epiphany happened when a mundane task was being… – was happening.

a slow, unfolding
You’ll notice I said above that it was a “slow unfolding” for the majority of people…

Perhaps here a rant about language… Language evolves from common usage and this stuff is certainly not common so, consequently, words to express much of what we experience, simply don’t exist.

In the beginning, I will use language in a pretty normal way. My use of words will focus on getting meaning across to you, and later on, we will start to investigate that too.

So back to the word, unfolding…
By using this word, I’m attempting to help you see that it is a revealing of what is already there.

Unfolding can have the connotation of a flower opening or a birthing and it probably will feel this way.

..for a while!

This period is referred to as the Honeymoon period.
It starts (or seems to) when the 2nd Fetter (Doubt) falls.
When the mind is freed from compulsive questioning…
then there is a space where the wonder-full appreciation of the ever-changing stimulis of the senses.

There is a degree of ‘bliss’ in these early days of being liberated from the prison of social expectations.
Everything is viewed from the heart perspective.
There is no thought of either offensive or defensive aggression. There is wonder all around.

..and then, along comes doubt.
“But what if you’re fooling yourself?” says thought. “what if you’ve only got an intellectual grasp of all this?”
“Oh, the agony. It feels unbearable.
I’m losing this beautiful state.” panic panic.