OK, time to break out of the head jail. - in other words, "let's get liberated".

Did you recognize (yet) that we have been in storyland up ’till now? (except for when you were experiencing a reaction to what you read)

Now, we are going to accelerate the discovering of how we operate.

To do this, we will start to become aware of the two fundamental aspects of experiencing.
They are sensations and thoughts.

It’s obvious with the 5 physical senses. When any sense receptor is stimulated an experiencing of either sound, sight, hearing, tasting, smelling, happens.
It’s important to register that this experiencing is a response by the brain to the stimulation of the sense receptor.

With thoughts (ideas, mind stuff, stories) it’s a little trickier.
Thoughts are always about something. They are a story. They are conceptual. ..but we respond to them.
Everything that you experience, everybody that you experience, arises as these responses.

From here on, you will be given exercises to do.
They have a certain order. If done in that order, they will likely start to subtly alter your experiencing of THIS.

The intent of this exercise is to begin to separate (in awareness) sensations from thought.

In particular, notice any opinion (judgement) that arises about how you are going.

Did you notice the avatar at the top of the page?
Did you see a black vase or two white face profiles looking at each other?
Can you see both at once, or does focus go quickly between the two?
Examine what happens.
Watch what the eyes do.
Watch what thoughts say.

Feel free to use the comment section below…