If you’re a spiritual seeker, then you probably think that you know what awakening is.
…but unless you have already ‘woken up’ you’ll most likely be wrong about that.

Now before we look at  What is awakening?
let’s consider one of the most frequent blocks to seeing ‘reality’ – expectations.

This website is about waking up. (Ok, this is the first pointer..) i’ve underlined the word “about” to highlight something that is really important.
If you think or say or read or hear or watch anything, and it is ABOUT something, then it is conceptual.
What is the difference between a concept and what is actual?

Concept means an abstract idea or notion created in the mind, while actual refers to something existing in reality, or that which truly exists in the world.

To put it simply, concept is like an idea in our thoughts, whereas actual refers to sensory input.

‘Reality’ (i don’t like this word. It carries too much baggage) means what you are experiencing now, while ‘concept’ refers to the content of thoughts and ideas.

If you just read these words then you will be having an intellectual experience.

That is, you will be experiencing your reaction to the content of your thoughts.

This is a problem with reading words.
They tend to stay in the head. The response to them goes unnoticed unless it is dramatic.
So, to get the most out of these words, understand that every single sentence is carefully considered.
With this in mind, pause at the end of a message (a sentence or a phrase) and focus on your bodily reaction.

To really grok what i am pointing at, will require you to have a particular attitude.

Grok is a term coined by Robert A. Heinlein in his science fiction novel “Stranger in a Strange Land” to describe a deep understanding of something. It goes beyond mere intellectual comprehension and involves becoming one with the subject matter. It means experiencing an idea, concept, or object so deeply that it becomes a part of oneself. Essentially, grokking is a process of full immersion in something, be it a topic, a person, or an experience. To grok something is to have a profound understanding of it at a fundamental level.

To really grok what i am pointing at, will require you to have a particular attitude.
An attitude that leads to an unfamiliar perception.
A description of that attitude is what i call Discovery mode.