What can i say about a me that doesn’t exist?

i suppose I can conjure up a story about other stories that I call memories, but I imagine that that’s not relevant here.
Maybe you want to know about qualifications. Well, I don’t have any. Maybe except that I can describe experiencing here.

There was a time when Vince suffered.
Then something happened and that suffering was no longer part of his life.
Now, there’s an idea here to help others to realize their own version of this.
Of course, it’s realized that it wont be everybody, but it’s also seen that many will find their way to these resources and some of those will resonate with it.

After about 43 years of seeking and 12 years of guiding on the forum at Liberation Unleashed
and participating in several live Zoom groups each week, there is a story here that i have some idea of what works. (while at the same time admitting that i have no idea – everybody is different)

i freely admit that we just poke and prod until something clicks.
Seeing things from a certain perspective (what i might reluctantly call “being awake”) makes it more obvious where to poke and prod.

It’s this same shift in perspective that eliminated the suffering.
Don’t get me wrong. The same shit still happens. It’s just that nowadays there aren’t stories piled on top of it that turns the pain into suffering.