“I” labelling
Get a sheet of paper and draw a line that divides that sheet in half. Label one half ‘self’ and the other side ‘other’. Sit down and start a timer for 5 minutes. Every time you have a thought make a mark on the sheet. If that thought is about the self put a mark on the self side, if it’s about something else, mark the other side. If a thought about food occurs due to feeling hungry, mark that on the self side. Any thought that refers back to a self should go on the self side. (I’m bored, I’m tired, is the door locked (my safety) that video was funny (I was amused), my back hurts, I am frightened) get it?

Beneath Labels

Go to the level, to the depth where labeling the sensations, don’t work.
The sensations are too indescribable.
The subtlety of them, the variability of them, it can’t be put into words.

To say you feel a contraction, that’s a concept that we’re using to describe what’s actually going on. To say, “I feel”, this is just a concept.
So when you get into those feelings, just get to the level where there is just sensory input.

Sensation is a tactile input, but it’s too subtle to describe. Get down to that level of sensation where labels don’t do it justice and what you’ll find is that you’re way out of your thoughts.
The instant you start to do that, you wont be in that thought loop.