Discovery mode..

Discovery mode is an attitude.
It is coming from a place of “i don’t know anything & i’m interested in what shows up”.

It’s not a looking for anything.
It is a waiting to see what shows up.

There is a delight in whatever life offers, for it shows something about the current experience.


“there are, I think, attitudes that can be useful. What I mean by “attitudes” is not easy to explain. As I mean that word, an attitude cannot be chosen or adopted, but only recognized within one’s own mind as already part of the scenery.” *robert saltzman

..and this is a key that you will hear from me repeatedly.

Recognition without opinion.
We can’t control what comes up, but we can recognize it (if it happens)
..and we don’t recognize it because we have control over what thought happens to arise.
No. Recognition arises (or not) because the conditions necessary for it to happen are present and aligned.
One of those conditions is the intention to recognize. …but get this; whatever arises is OK.

Q; What are we looking to recognize at the moment?
A: We are looking to recognize what our attitude is.

The body doesn't lie..

The body is authentic.
It will always express what the current experience is.
Any of the negative emotions will be reflected by contraction.
The pleasurable will be reflected by expansion.

To see what the current attitude is, one only needs to examine the state of the body.
Remember, whatever is found – don’t have an opinion about it.

Even in describing it, examine your words for opinionated language.